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Voicemail [March 2008 Onwards]

"Hey, you've reached Charlie Kawalsky. If this stupid phone is working, leave a message with who you are and how I can get a hold of you and I'll call you back. Unless I don't like you, then you're pretty much on your own, pal."


"The person you are trying to call is out of range. Please leave a message or try again later."


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OOC: Character Retirement!

As of this post, Kawalsky is joining Alanna in retirement from Fandom High. AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Fighting magical beasts and keeping the kingdom together and having 3 kids, one of whom turns out to be Aly. It is a joyous occasion for them both and I'm sure they're both terribly sorry they couldn't invite everyone to the wedding. While I'm still sticking around with my other characters, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who made playing Kawalsky such fun. I had a blast.


Pirate's Swoop, Tortall - September

Pirate's Swoop was doing much better than this time last year. Most of the important construction was done and they were prepared, at least in theory, for the winter. You could tell the newcomers to the village from the ones who'd arrived earlier on. The newcomers were nervous, and rightly so. The Baron of Pirate's Swoop had an odd reputation and they'd be relying on him getting them and their families through what could be a long winter for all they knew. They needn't have worried, but Charlie would prove that to them soon enough.

The harvest was almost ready to go and he planned to be out there with his people helping to get all of the food ready and stored well before the first snow fell. They already had plenty of fishing done, being a coastal fief, and that would supplement their supplies.

It was already starting to get cold of an evening. Charlie rose from his heavy oak desk and tossed another piece of wood into the fireplace before returning to his letter writing. He had a stack of letters written for people within Tortall, progress reports and private letters to King Jonathan, five letters to Alanna that he felt were too out of date now to send, a chess move to Gary, some letters that were more advisory statements to key members of the regular army which he'd been asked to provide and a filthy joke to Raoul that really shouldn't have been put in written form.

Some letters were going to have to travel further once he was done with them. It was a quiet night, and he didn't have anywhere of importance to be tomorrow, so he sat scratching his pen away by candlelight, preparing letters to folks back home. His cell phone was tucked away in his locked second drawer. It hadn't been used in so long he forgot about it sometimes, but tonight he was over-conscious about it, probably because he was thinking of home.

[OOC: Open for SP letters or phone calls!]

Pirate's Swoop - Late July

Excerpt of a private letter from Baron Charles of Pirate's Swoop to Jonathan of Conte, King of Tortall, written in late July:

Talking shop in a less than formal wayCollapse )

[Open for letters]
Two years had passed since he'd been back on Earth simply to be there. Charlie and his sister had written letters back and forth, keeping each other updated on what was going on in their lives. He'd missed his nephew Patrick's high school graduation, but Jane had been insistent that he not miss her youngest son Chase's as well.

Charlie knew it was an elbow in the ribs to get him to come and visit, and with progress being made on Pirate's Swoop ahead of schedule, his decision was made and a portal to New York was ordered for a few days.

That was what brought him to be sitting on the bed in his sister's guest room that he was sharing with Alanna. The graduation ceremony was tomorrow, but for tonight everyone was in bed early and he was channel surfing and catching up on news on his borrowed laptop, occasionally glancing at his IM contact list to see if anyone was online.

[OOC: For phone calls, IMs, etc!]

Pirate's Swoop - April

With Spring came mud. Lots and lots and lots of mud. Construction within the keep was postponed again, except for the tunnels deep underground, and focus had shifted to the village. Dal was leading the project there and word had been spread across Tortall that there was a house on offer for anyone willing to commit to rebuilding the village that had been abandoned for so long.

The people had been slow-coming at first, either put off by the haunting tales of abandoned fiefs or by the newly ennobled Baron who they had no reason to trust their lives to. Plus they'd had to wait for the roads to clear after the long winter. Eventually they came, trickling in and then arriving by cartloads. They were fifty men strong now, some having brought their families right away. Others would call for them when they were sure it was worth leaving their old homes. Some were used to working on the land, while others were from the cities even as far south as Port Legann. Whispers spread far and wide in Tortall sometimes.

Having had enough of paperwork, Charlie was out in the main courtyard, off to the side where more stables were being built to accommodate the horses for the men signing up to guard the Swoop. As he hammered in another nail, Charlie thought of two things:
1) He needed to choose a captain of the Swoop's guards, and
2) He wondered how the Rangers were doing this season.

[OOC: Open for the Woman Who Rides Like A Man if she so pleases! And any letters from afar.]

Pirate's Swoop, Tortall - February

Winter without electricity was not a fun experience. Kawalsky had spent a winter or two in eastern Europe before, but there had been a reprieve from the weather here and there, synthetic materials and those little heaters you could put in your gloves. Here in Tortall, there were no little heaters. The servants (and man, was that weird getting used to) knew how to keep a room as warm as they could, but with all of the work on Pirate's Swoop that needed doing and Kawalsky being Kawalsky, staying cooped up inside wasn't an option.

On the coast where Pirate's Swoop was located, the weather was more temperate than further inland, but they got the worst of the winds coming off the ocean. That was why today, on the open platform on the second highest tower, Baron Charles stood and wondered how long it was going to take for his eyelashes to freeze together.

A Baron and the man who puts up with himCollapse )

[OOC: NFB/NFI due to distancey stuff as usual! Unless there are letters or sneaky phone calls to be had.]

Pirate's Swoop, Tortall, Christmas Day

The portal was still open at the bottom of the slope leading up to the castle, but the real action was in the castle. The food was plentiful, the tree was looking pretty impressive and the most important part of all - there were presents galore!


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OOC About Kawalsky

Kawalsky was a character on Stargate SG-1 until they killed him in the second episode. After 8 years, Loki cloned him and he wound up at Fandom High. Now he's graduated and moving on to a new life.

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