Charlie Kawalsky (kawalsky) wrote,
Charlie Kawalsky

Pirate's Swoop - April

With Spring came mud. Lots and lots and lots of mud. Construction within the keep was postponed again, except for the tunnels deep underground, and focus had shifted to the village. Dal was leading the project there and word had been spread across Tortall that there was a house on offer for anyone willing to commit to rebuilding the village that had been abandoned for so long.

The people had been slow-coming at first, either put off by the haunting tales of abandoned fiefs or by the newly ennobled Baron who they had no reason to trust their lives to. Plus they'd had to wait for the roads to clear after the long winter. Eventually they came, trickling in and then arriving by cartloads. They were fifty men strong now, some having brought their families right away. Others would call for them when they were sure it was worth leaving their old homes. Some were used to working on the land, while others were from the cities even as far south as Port Legann. Whispers spread far and wide in Tortall sometimes.

Having had enough of paperwork, Charlie was out in the main courtyard, off to the side where more stables were being built to accommodate the horses for the men signing up to guard the Swoop. As he hammered in another nail, Charlie thought of two things:
1) He needed to choose a captain of the Swoop's guards, and
2) He wondered how the Rangers were doing this season.

[OOC: Open for the Woman Who Rides Like A Man if she so pleases! And any letters from afar.]
Tags: alanna, dal costard, hockey, pirate's swoop
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