Charlie Kawalsky (kawalsky) wrote,
Charlie Kawalsky

MacAllister Residence - Harrison, New York - Friday

Two years had passed since he'd been back on Earth simply to be there. Charlie and his sister had written letters back and forth, keeping each other updated on what was going on in their lives. He'd missed his nephew Patrick's high school graduation, but Jane had been insistent that he not miss her youngest son Chase's as well.

Charlie knew it was an elbow in the ribs to get him to come and visit, and with progress being made on Pirate's Swoop ahead of schedule, his decision was made and a portal to New York was ordered for a few days.

That was what brought him to be sitting on the bed in his sister's guest room that he was sharing with Alanna. The graduation ceremony was tomorrow, but for tonight everyone was in bed early and he was channel surfing and catching up on news on his borrowed laptop, occasionally glancing at his IM contact list to see if anyone was online.

[OOC: For phone calls, IMs, etc!]
Tags: alanna, chase, frank, harrison, jane, patrick
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