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Pirate's Swoop, Tortall, Christmas Eve

At the bottom of the slope that led up to the castle at Pirate's Swoop, a Portalocity portal suddenly appeared. It would remain open until all of the guests arrived. Charlie had wanted to meet them all in person, but trying to do Extreme Makeover: Castle Edition was a time consuming process. Aran of the castle guards was there to greet the visitors and send them up to the castle where the Baron was waiting.

[OOC: For anyone visiting Tortall for Christmas!]

From Pirate's Swoop, Sunday Morning

Early Sunday morning, letters arrived by a light source near the following people:
Martin Blank & Angela Chase, Callisto, Bridge & Xander Carson, Sam Carter & Cameron Mitchell, John Crichton & Aeryn Sun-Crichton, Peter Parker & Zero Hopeless-Savage, Peter Pevensie & Willow Rosenberg-Pevensie, Anakin & Rory Skywalker, Chloe Sullivan, Jaye Tyler & Friends, Tyler Durden, Jamie Madrox, Dawn Summers, Greg Sanders

The letter was an invitation to Christmas at Pirate's Swoop.

The Baron of Pirate's Swoop (aka Santa Kawalsky) invites you to
Join us for
Christmas at Pirate's Swoop

Thursday, December 24-27, 2009 (Fandom Standard)
Pirate's Swoop, Tortall

Partners/plus ones welcome
Portalocity has the arrival details, just call and book. Someone will meet you at the portal point.
We'll have local warm clothes for you (but thermals are a good idea)
Be ready for no electricity!

Please RSVP by December 22

The Royal Palace - Tortall, November

Being summoned to talk to the King wasn't a regular thing anymore, and unlike when he'd first arrived, Kawalsky found himself a little anxious at being called on. Something was up, but he wasn't sure what, and he found himself running through possibilities. His dwelling was cut short as the door opened and one of the servants announced his presence.

[OOC: For the King.]

Tyra - The Day of the Second Tournament

'Relax,' Jaron had told him, 'it'll all be over by sundown and you'll be a free man.'

Kawalsky couldn't relax. There were three things he needed to ensure by the time the sun went down:

1) Alanna of Olau was alive and well and preferrably with all limbs intact (thankfully, she was Alanna, so she'd have that covered herself, even if there were people out trying to poison her).
2) Tyra wasn't on fire/under siege/falling apart at the seams (thankfully, King Oron and his guards were on alert thanks to Ansel's wise counsel, so they'd have that covered themselves when the K'miri guys decided to attack).
3) Jaron, his minions (Kawalsky's ex-card/drinking buddies), Tephan of Crescent Crove and that K'miri warlord guy who had a beef with Tortall and (presumably) orchestrated the assassination attempt on King Jonathan were all in custody and awaiting extradition to Tortall for their crimes.

Kawalsky was working on that last one.

Ansel Medard's Home - Tyra

Alanna and Charlie were back at Ansel's home, this time invited for dinner. They sat around the table set for three, quietly eating. The time in Tyra was wearing on them and Ansel was normally quiet unless he had something well thought out to say. Ansel cleaned his mouth with his napkin, then set it down. He wasn't as embroiled in the mission as Alanna and Charlie were. It wasn't his king that someone had attempted to assassinate. He was sympathetic to their cause, of course, through his tie with Sir Myles, but his slight distance from the situation allowed him to act as a rational counsel.

"Tell me what you've learned so far," he suggested.

Ansel Medard's Home - Tyra

July and the first tournament in Tyra seemed a long time ago. Alanna's performance had, of course, been excellent and the Tyran King had invited her to stay on for the second tournament he planned to hold this month. It gave them time and a reason to stay, mingle and learn more about who might have been involved in the plot to kill King Jonathan.

Alanna and Charlie had done well in keeping up the appearance that they could barely stand each other. Publicly, they needed each other. A noble needed a manservant and as the rumor had spread amongst the other servants and squires, Kawalsky was an indentured servant and thus obligated to stay and work for his noble despite the tension. It worked well. The other men of his station who served other tournament entrants had eventually welcomed him. He wasn't fully in the know of all that went on, but it was a start and he had a place to listen now.

But the ruse was tiring and sometimes it was nice to kick back in the company of Ansel Medard who was a wealthy merchant in Tyra and a trusted friend of Sir Myles, Alanna's adoptive father. When Alanna and Charlie came to visit, they could relax in private and let down their guard slightly for the night, safe in the knowledge that what was spoken of in Ansel's house stayed in Ansel's house.

[OOC: For the King's Champion and the convenient NPC.]
They were on an undercover mission on foreign soil. It wasn't Charlie's first, and it would no doubt not be his last. Part of the cover involved pretending to dislike Alanna, which meant spending as little time as possible with her, while keeping an eye on her from afar.

Kawalsky used this time, and Fandom's influence, to introduce karaoke to Tyra. He stood up on stage (with no microphone, thanks to no electricity) with only a guy with a harp who insisted he could learn any song so long as you hummed it to him.

"This is a little number from back home," he told the audience, which included the squires and men-at-arms of several of the contestants that would be trying to knock Alanna off her horse in a few days' time. "In honor of the Stickbugs."

We were drawn from the weeds! We were brave like soldiers!Collapse )

Man he missed Fandom. He raised his hands in the air as the audience applauded, some getting into it, others not knowing what to make of him. "Thank you! Goodnight! Don't forget to tip your waitress!"

The Royal Stables, Corus, Tortall - June

Short notice trips always started with a To Do list a mile long. Kawalsky was onto number 5 on his mental list and was repacking his bag for a third time. Ranger, one of the horses Raoul had gifted him with upon joining the King's Own, watched on from his stall, as if hoping that an apple would somehow mysteriously appear from the bag. His other gelding, Glock, seemed to be pointedly ignoring him. Charlie didn't claim to understand the horses. He was just glad he didn't fall off as often any more.

[OOC: For ze Tortallans.]

The Royal Palace, Corus, Tortall - June

What time was it? Kawalsky still found himself going for a wristwatch that hadn't been worn in over a year. It was late, he knew that. The sun wouldn't be up for a few hours at least. Torches lit the way along the stone passageways as he walked in step behind two of Jon's personal guards, a squad within the Palace Guard. When you were roused from sleep by the King's personal guards, you knew something had happened.

Charlie ran a hand through his hair, noting off-handedly that he needed a haircut again. He didn't look fit to talk to the King. There hadn't been time to shave. A splash of water from the basin in the barracks of the King's Own and a quick change into his uniform, which was thankfully ready to go and not as rumpled as he felt, was all he could manage.

He frowned as they rounded a corner and headed away from the King and Queen's chambers and towards a part of the palace he hadn't been to before. Suspicion was mounting with each step towards this supposed audience with the King. Jon didn't call on him any more. He had, for a while, to discuss the outsider's view on the kingdom's defenses and military strategy from another world that might give Tortall a slight advantage over Maren or Scanra in time of need. Since Raoul had taken Charlie on as a member of the King's Own, the requests for his presence had stopped. Whether that was to do with not wanting the appearance of favoritism or if Jon had simply decided to stop humoring him, Charlie didn't know. But the gap in face time with the King made this summons out of place.

They reached a door. One man stepped back behind Charlie and kept watch down the corridor. The other opened the heavy-set door and jerked his head to tell Charlie to go in, which he did. The room on the other side wasn't a room at all, but another corridor. The door seemed to be a way of stopping anyone from going any further. He looked left, then right. The left passage was empty, but the right had the towering figure of Lord Sir Raoul of Goldenlake, Knight Commander of the King's Own, pacing in a very uncharacteristic way. Raoul was more of a leaner. He would find a wall, hunch against it and frown deeply. Pacing? That was something new.

Charlie approached cautiously and when he caught Raoul's eye, the pacing stopped. It was only when he was a few paces from Raoul that he was close enough to see how ragged the Knight Commander looked. The corner of his mouth was tight, his jaw clenched, the frown on his brow deeply set. "What's going on?" Charlie asked, stopping in front of Raoul and a door to his left. It was the question he'd first asked when waking up, the question that the guards didn't (or couldn't) answer.

"Do they have assassination attempts in your world?"

Charlie tensed. Before he had a chance to speak, the door swung inward. Both men's heads turned. George Cooper, former King of the Rogue and now Baron of Wintershore was the last person he'd expected to answer the door. He stepped aside so they could see into the room. Around a table sat the Prime Minister, Sir Gary of Naxen, the realm's chief healer Sir Baird of Queenscove, Buri and Queen Thayet, the King's Champion Sir Alanna of Olau and King Jonathan himself sporting a grimace he was trying to hide and his arm in a sling.

"Gentleman," Jon called to them. "I think you'd best come inside."


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