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Today turned out longer than expected.

Got woken up late last night to go see if Parker was okay. I hear she's okay now, but she really wasn't last night. I called Professor Maclay to let her know what was going on, and then stayed outside the clinic for most of the night.

No early classes on Monday. Went to Egyptian Archaeology. Have an essay due on Wednesday for it on Egyptian unification or something. I'm not all that interested. I don't even remember why I took this class, but I'll stick with it. I'm pulling an okay average for it.

Sat in on Ethics this afternoon. I'm not so sure about this assignment now that I know that it's not going for the angle I thought it was going for. Abuse or not, infringing on someone's freedom is never right. That's what I thought the exercise was trying to prove. Apparently not. I'll do my TA job though. If there's one thing my past life I've learned, you can take the boy out of the military system, but you can't take the military system out of the boy. I know how to follow orders, whether I like 'em or not. I'll do my job. Still haven't heard back from Faith, though. We've gotta do our 16 hours this week and I dunno when we can arrange it. I'll have to call her again.

Went to gym class but didn't do as well as I'd like. I'm blaming it on the lack of sleep. That, and I need to get more fit again. I've been slacking off bad since I got here. Talked to Coach MacLeod about the hockey squad. Gonna go into town this week and see when the new rink is opening up. I wanna get in and get us some regular training and game times every week.

Called the General in Cyborg Theory. Probably stupid to do on an open cell line, but I didn't say anything too classified. I think. Considering we're technically in a different dimension here, where there's vampires and zombies and aliens and impending apocalypse, I'm caring less and less about what's classified and what's not. I mean, come on, they've got a damned Goa'uld teaching here. I'll have to keep my mouth shut more though.

Went for a walk with Sam after class. Talked about the end of the world stuff. Depressing and kinda scary stuff.

I should be asleep, but now I'm overtired. I don't have any classes tomorrow aside from gym, so I can sleep in. So I've got my laptop, I'm hiding out where no one will find me and I'm using the wireless internet connection around here to do some online shopping. I've got lots of making up to do, and I'm a physical kind of guy.. I say it with gifts.

Amazon.com here I come.


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